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Bryan's Weight Loss Success

Weight gain and weight loss is a struggle for many.  I am no exception.  It may even be harder for me.  I was a skinny kid growing up and never really had to worry about what I ate.  I never had to worry about having that second piece of dessert.  We are also the generation that grew up on fast food.  How much easier could it have been to load up on extra calories?  All you had to do was "drive-thru."  So after years of pretty much eating whatever and whenever I wanted, it started showing in my middle section. …......

When my wife got a wake up call that she was pre-diabetic, I knew she needed to lose weight to be healthier, and I knew I could stand to lose a good 40 pounds myself. Together we came to Dr. Anderson a year ago this March.  I lost those 40 pounds and have successfully kept it off now for the past 5 months.  My wife lost 85 pounds and has kept it off as well.  We are both dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle.


Dr. Anderson and his entire professional staff kept me on track with positive encouragement and great weight loss products.  Losing weight is never an easy task, but this system was simple to do and worked really well.


Thank you Dr. Anderson for all your help




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SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
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