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"I truly recommend this program and Dr. Anderson to anyone who is serious about losing weight, and wants to feel happier and healthier within a reasonable period of time.  Dr. Anderson's staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about the program, and immediately take you under their care".

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Janice's Weight Loss Success

I have been very healthy and active in intense physical activities most of my adult life. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroiditis, and placed on prednisone, a steroid. Within the first month of taking it I gained twenty- five pounds. Within four months I had gained fifty-five pounds. It seemed that my weight was increasing with each month. I was taken off the medication at that point. It didn’t seem to matter how closely I monitored what I ate or how much exercise I did, my weight wasn’t coming off. In fact, I was still gaining weight every month.....

My weight reached 183 lbs! I couldn’t believe it. It seems my metabolism had died.

I was going into the office building over in Waugh Chapel when I noticed a sign for the Annapolis Medical Weight Loss program. I rode the elevator up to the third floor with a gentleman who stopped on the same floor. As I asked for information about the program I discovered that the gentleman was Dr. David Anderson. He came out and spoke to me about the program. I didn’t make an appointment then, because I wasn’t sure I could stick with the program. I wanted to think it over.


I was attempting to get my weight under control, but was failing miserably. I was so ashamed of my appearance. I went from wearing sizes 6 - 8 to size 14 in my slacks, 16 or ex-large tops, 16-18 dresses and from a 36D bra to a 38DD. My husband also did not understand why I was gaining all the weight since he was witness to the fact that I wasn’t eating enough to justify the weight increase. My family and friends were shocked at how I looked. They all knew me as a health nut who demonstrated great pride in my appearance.


I made an appointment to consult with Dr. Anderson. After reading the material and talking with him I decided to give the program a try. I can’t tolerate most milk products. I had concern with the idea that AMWL products seemed to be milky, even though they weren’t actually made with milk. I still gave it a try. I also included the soups and snacks. I handled the drinks by freezing them or nearly freezing them. I actually enjoyed them. Within a couple of weeks I had lost 10 lbs! Boy was I feeling great about that. This gave me great encouragement to proceed with the program. I also took B-12 shots and Lipo injections throughout the program.


Four months later, I am wearing my size 6 - 8 clothing! I began the program weighing 183 lbs and now I weigh 148 lbs! I am so much happier with my self image. My two daughters and grandchildren are so happy to see their mom and grandmom looking like her old self again. I find it easy to monitor my food. I have no desire to overeat and can turn my head away from the (good stuff) desserts, gravy, carbs.


My 18-year-old granddaughter, Erica graduated from high school this year. She felt very insecure about herself, because she was about 20 lbs overweight. I brought her to Annapolis Medical Weight Loss to consult with Dr Anderson. She immediately liked him and felt comfortable with the program. Within three weeks Erica lost 12.5 lbs. Her goal was to lose 15 lbs. She has maintained the program and I’m happy to say she has met her goal. She is much happier and feeling more confident about her image.


I truly recommend this program and Dr. Anderson to anyone who is serious about losing weight and want to feel happier and healthier within a reasonable period of time. Dr. Anderson’s staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about the program and immediately take you under their care.


Give it a try! You’ll be glad you did.

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