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Joe's Weight Loss Success

Hello, I wanted to share this story as a testament to the success I've had working the Annapolis Medical Weight Loss program. For the past 30+ years, I have suffered with Obesity and Obesity related Health Issues. At age 57 I was heavier and more out of shape than at anytime during my life.....

Dieting on my own always ended in failure, and on three different occasions I tried the Weight Watchers Program but it just didn't offer me the one on one personal guidance that I so desperately needed.


In July 2011, I learned about the Annapolis Medical Weight Loss program and decided to call and find out more.The receptionist was very helpful and explained how the program worked. After giving it some thought, I asked her to set up a Consultation for me.


It was at that Consultation when I first met Dr. Anderson. He explained the program in full and performed a Health Risk Assessment on me.

Dr. Anderson went over the Health Risk Assessment with me and explained exactly what it had discovered. I immediately knew that I had finally found a program that would work for me. 


I decided on the Modified Diet and began working it the following morning. I was pleasantly surprised that the Shakes and Protein Bars tasted great! I diligently stuck to the diet and was rewarded with a 16 lb weight loss after the first week. Now 11 weeks into the program my weight loss totals over 57 lbs and I am now over halfway to my goal of a 100 pound weight loss.  


Most importantly for me is that my Health related Issues are now getting better! (High Blood Pressure, Pre-Diabetic, shortness of breath)


I owe so much of my success to Dr. Anderson. He has been so supportive and positive throughout and his enthusiasm helps keep me strong.


I strongly encourage everyone who has tried and failed with other diets to call the Annapolis Medical Weight Loss program.

12 weeks ago I made a life changing decision and I am happy I did. You should consider it as well! 





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SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
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