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Justine's Weight Loss Success

There is nothing more empowering than being confident in your own skin! Unfortunately, I had forgotten what that felt like.


An avid athlete for most of my life, I knew what it took to eat right, exercise and prioritize my health. But after a difficult few years living away from family, feeling unfulfilled with work and a battle with Depression and Anxiety, I looked in the mirror and could hardly recognize myself. I saw a number on the scale I'd never seen before and I did not feel tremendously hopeful that I could gain control of my life again. But then I moved to Annapolis (to be closer to family) and found Dr. Anderson.....

From the very beginning, I deeply believed he saw me for ME!  Not the "me" who was sitting in front of him that first visit, still depressed and 40 lbs. heavier than I wanted to be, but the "me" that I once was, the one he helped me believe I could become again. In four months, I was down 25 lbs., with very little exercise but an unwavering commitment to the nutrition plan Dr. Anderson recommended for me.


Today, it has been nine months since I began my journey with Annapolis Medical Weight Loss and with the support of Dr. Anderson's entire team, I've even accomplished my stretch goal and lost a total of 45 lbs.! Now I not only feel like the "me" I remember years ago, but I deeply believe I'm the best version of me I've ever been- mentally, emotionally and physically.


Come September, I will get to walk down the aisle toward my future husband and I am forever grateful that I get to be this version of me when I become his wife. To Dr. Anderson, you saved me- thank you for believing in me when it was difficult to believe in myself and empowering me to commit to the life I always deserved. To the tremendous team at Annapolis Medical Weight Loss, you made stepping on a scale and talking about something I was previously so embarrassed and self-conscious about, not only bearable, but a true pleasure. And to you sitting where I was just a few months ago, you are not alone. I know this feels scary, if not absolutely impossible, but it is not. You deserve to prioritize yourself because you are worthy of being the best version of you! Please make this call- it could save you, too.

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SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
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