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Dr. David Anderson


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Linda's Weight Loss Success

Dr. Anderson

Please accept my most sincere thank you. Your program has changed my life. I can't even count all my diet attempts throughout the years. I would get close then slip backwards. I was so frustrated. It drove me crazy. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.....

Thanks to the personalization of your program I now know just how to handle my specific weight challenges. After losing over thirty pounds I feel a level of success that I have never experienced before. After forty years trying and failing I have made it to my goal. My results were so fast I could hardly believe it. I lost as much as six pounds some weeks. It's easy to stay motivated when you see results like that. I love the way I look and feel. I went from a 14 to a size 6.


I felt comfortable with my quick results because my entire program was overseen by you, a doctor, and your friendly motivating staff. I enjoyed them cheering me on. And I appreciated the appointment reminder calls. I never missed a single appt.


All the products were delicious. I can honestly say I was always satisfied. I believe what made the biggest difference for me was not having to deal with food while learning how to eat. When you are trying to lose weight you are essentially trying to cut back on portion size. But cutting back is hard to do when you feel helpless around food. The shakes make it easy to just focus on weight loss. The weekly print outs showed all my improved health results as well as the details of all my weight loss. All this and I never went hungry.


Thanks to this program I can now say "I know I can manage my weight permanently."




                                                                      Linda S.

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SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
SculpSure:   Non-Invasive Fat
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