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TJ's Weight Loss Success

As a former football and rugby player, size and weight were always important – pretty well required – aspects of my physical stature and appearance. So for the longest time, it was almost a contest with myself to see how big I could get, and, of course, while playing and training, that increase was basically healthy and encouraged. Well, after a while, you stop training… but the training table is a hard one away from which to push yourself, and the weight packs on fast.....

I’ve struggled with this for the last 15 years and it’s taken its toll. Along the way, I had a heart attack – minor, thank God – and my physical appearance grew less and less athletic. I lost a good deal of weight after the heart attack, but then a divorce steamrolled my motivation and I turned to food for comfort. By the time I finally really understood what I’d done to myself, I’d ballooned – and the term well applies – to 399 pounds, according to my cardiologist’s scale.


I was in Dr. Anderson’s office the very next day – where his scale actually read 386; I count that as my starting weight – at the advice of my cardiologist. Meeting with someone to ask for help losing weight when you’ve become as big as I was is humbling to say the least. You feel like you’ve failed and everyone knows it; guilt and embarrassment don’t begin to describe the myriad feelings running through your head. But Dr. Anderson, Sonya, and Susan put me at ease right away, helping me to begin to understand the real causes and triggers, both physiological and external, that brought me to this point, and encouraging me that I could and would lose the weight.


Still skeptical, especially because you hear about and see all the quick weight loss “program” ads almost perpetually, and with a decent understanding of nutrition and anatomy and physiology (so I should have known better how to take care of myself already, right?), I spoke with Dr. Anderson about the science behind the diet. Without going into specifics, it became clear to me quickly that this was a logical and sound program, and with my intellectual curiosity sufficiently satisfied, we discussed the plan options.


Money can be a scary concept, and this is not a “cheap” program, but when you realize that you have to lose weight or risk losing your life, and depriving your son of a father, you quickly reconcile yourself to the outlay as a necessary investment in your future. By the end of my initial appointment, I had my “groceries”, started the Low Calorie Diet, and haven’t looked back.


As I write this, my weight loss to date is 95.5 pounds… IN 4 MONTHS! I still have a good way to go to hit goal weight, but I’m well past the half-way point and couldn’t be happier. Depending upon your metabolism, you can eat or drink something as many as eight times a day, so there’s always something in your stomach and you keep chugging along, burning calories and fat, at a consistent, sustainable pace. I’m very seldom hungry, but when I am, thanks to this, I’ve learned again how to eat the right kinds of snacks to staunch the hunger and keep me losing. I haven’t had a week yet when I haven’t lost weight! The program is easy to follow and the weekly appointments and weigh-ins help you stay on track by allowing you to interact with the doctor and staff to ask questions and talk about everyday issues you may have and strategies you can use to address them.


I’m regaining the confidence I lost over all those years of looking at a tub in the mirror and have more energy and interest in doing things than I have in a long, long time. My cholesterol, in fact my overall blood chemistry, is back to normal or better and I’m sleeping more soundly than I have in a long time. I get compliments often that I “look fantastic” and constant encouragement that it’s obviously working. This has changed my life and there’s really no explaining how happy I feel again. I can do this, and I will, and you’ll hear from me again when I’m there!


Thanks to Dr. Anderson, Susan, Sonya, and all his staff. There are no words to tell you how much you’ve done for me!




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